Meaning of love

hatiTalking about the love we surely familiar as the words are always ringing our ears, let’s say when we listen to the radio, there must be singing songs about love or when we read a book or novel, we definitely prefer the theme of romance and it is normal because this is the age of puberty at a time when a person became interested in the opposite sex and it is always linked with love

The definition of love itself difficult to distinguish boundaries or sense, because love is one of the emotions and feelings of the individual. And its also subjective, so each individual will have a different meaning depending on the appreciation and experience.

Types of Love by Kelly in adolescent reproductive health book of love dividing it into 3 types:

1. Love for lust
That love which resulted in a relationship between two people no longer control, emotions are masters of common sense that the behavior occurs spontaneously as if to answer the excessive emotional stimuli
2. love pragmatic
love is a balance between two people, there is a sense of joy and sorrow, as well as the reciprocal.
3. altruistic love
usually occurs in a mother to her child, the love of affection with no limits.
Love is being in the realm of emotional and rational. This emotional love comes and goes without a predictable, for example: I love at first sight, even though I was not happy with him I still love him etc..

The characteristics of emotional love
The existence of a very strong feeling, normally directed at the opposite sex, which exist in the mind and heart is the shadow of her lover
The existence of selfishness, usually there are expectations that the ideal lover is her mind and feel disappointed when her lover is different from what she expected
Emotional Love contains elements of eroticism, which usually wants to express his love by holding hands, hugging, etc.. While love is not rational dominated by strong feelings but rather on reasoning. Love this rational usually do not care if her feelings to someone who’s mastered replies or not, because the main characteristic of this love is giving selflessly and unconditionally.

Psychological and Physiological Reaction Appears When Using Love
When people are more in love, then the body will produce hormones Phenthylamine (PEA), the effect is an increase in body temperature, sugar and blood pressure, heart rate and sweating will be faster, the person also becomes curious, embarrassed, excited (excited), and excited.

Signs of Love
Love is a very subjective thing, one person with another person will explain differently. But there are signs that indicate the presence of feelings of love:
1. No element of linkage and admiration
love is usually preceded by a sense of interest and admiration, either because of physical appearance, traits, abilities or material. Which makes things a person interested in each person is different.
2. long remember the memories
the feeling of love makes the shadow of a loved one is always present in memory.
3. the sacrifice
feelings of love lead to a feeling of wanting to do anything that can be happy and fun person who loved
4. absence of sexual interest usually arise curiosity and the desire to always meet physical contact


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